February Photo-A-Day 2015


Oh gosh, it’s March already, when did that happen? According to my pregnancy apps there is only 105 days left until my due date with Peanut – around 15 weeks. February was another big month in our household. We headed back to Emerald (an hour and a half away) for my follow-up morphology scan, where we confirmed that Peanut will have a cleft. We made two trips to Mackay (between three and four hours) to test drive cars, and finalize purchasing a new car for our growing family. Ivan was sick a few times, with mostly nondescript symptoms – fevers, irritability, runny poos, etc. My parents visited us for a weekend, which was something I really needed at the moment.

The most exciting thing to happen in February was our little man turned two! I can’t believe that it has been two years since he was born, and now we’re preparing to repeat the whole process. I’m so proud of my little boy, how much he has learnt, and how far he has come in his short life. He amazes me (and frustrates me, haha) every single day. Anyway, here is my February in pictures:

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