Ivan’s DIY Outer Space Nursery

I made the "Ivan" nursery art using some of my precious space fabric, fabric from a quilt cover, and some old photo frames (we broke the glass long ago). All of the books were mine growing up.

DIY nursery art, made with fabric & old photo frames with the glass removed.

Before we left for Mackay I took a few quick snaps of how Ivan’s nursery turned out. I intended to finish this post on the Monday evening when we arrived, but as it turned out my body had different plans for me. After that whole, you know, labour and baby business I barely remembered that I’d even made things for the nursery, let alone that I wanted to write about them.

We didn’t have a huge budget for getting ourselves set up for having a baby, so almost everything in the nursery is either second-hand or DIY, including the furniture. Our cot, cot mattress, bassinet, pram, baby bath, change table & the recliner chair for the nursery all came from the local buy/swap/sell Facebook page. The chest of drawers was given to us by my Mum & Dad, and they’ve had it forever. Except for a few little things all of Ivan’s clothes were either made by me, or hand-me-downs from awesomely generous people.

Our decorating budget for the nursery was non-existent, which made me quite sad – but then I got DIYing. I really wanted to do an outer space themed nursery, and this is what I came up with using a few old photo frames, two meters each of two different outer space fabrics, one ill-fitting t-shirt, some fabric from my second-hand stash and two single quilt cover/pillowcase sets.

Some more nursery art, made from one of my t-shirts & another glass-less photo frame.

I made this, and the other nursery art at the top of this post using photo frames with the glass removed. We got the frames on sale from Kmart a while back because they were missing the glass – they set us back about $2 each. This one was made using a Threadless t-shirt that didn’t fit me too well. I thought it was perfect for the nursery because this is exactly what we did when we found out Ivan was on his way. The “Ivan” frames were done using the space fabric & pieces of quilt cover – I think the letters turned out pretty damn good considering that I just eyeballed them!

I'm so proud of my solar system curtains! They go from the Sun through to Pluto (because I'm old school) around the room! They're made from quilt covers & various op-shopped fabric. I do want to line them with something to make them a bit darker, so I'll post more pictures of them then.

Possible the coolest part of the nursery is these curtains. I’ve got to say that they were incredibly boring to sew, and a humongous bitch to get looking good. They darken up the room quite nicely the way that they are, but I’m planning to line them so that you can see the planets a little bit better. These curtains wrap around the whole nursery, from The Sun to Pluto (because I’m old school like that). I cut out the planets from pieces in my fabric stash, and the curtains are made out of the single quilt covers.

DIY nappy stacker, made from both of my precious space fabrics, two pieces of cardboard & a baby coat hanger. I used this tutorial for inspiration:http://www.sewdangcutecrafts.com/2009/12/diaper-stacker-tutorial.html

Nappy stacker! I used pieces from both my space fabrics for the front of this, and the back is quilt cover pieces. I vaguely followed this tutorial for how to put it all together. There is a stiff cardboard piece in the top & the bottom of this to make it keep it’s shape.

I made this playmat using some of my space fabric, some of the quilt cover fabric & some op-shopped terry towelling for the underside to make it soft. I also made these two teddy bears from t-shirts - you can see how here: http://www.theowloddity.com/diy/t-shirt-teddy-bears/

I am so happy with how this playmat turned out! The square in the middle is a quilt cover piece, surrounded by one of my space fabrics, and the bottom is a soft, brown terry-towelling fabric that I had hiding in my stash. I made these teddy bears too!

The baby bouncer was a cast-off from my workplace, which I recovered with space fabric. I made the cover by tracing the existing padded cover, and leaving gaps in the seams for the attachments to pass through. The stuffed toy box is actually a cardboard packing box, with a fabric cover. The inspiration for the toy box came from this tutorial: http://www.positivelysplendid.com/2011/02/lets-make-something-together-lined-canvas-bins-from-diaper-boxes.html

This baby bouncer was a cast-off from my workplace, and I recovered it using my space fabric. I was too lazy to make new fittings & a pillow piece for it, so I just left space in the cover to let the original ones through, haha. I also made a little toybox, using a cardboard packing box, some space fabric & a whole dang lot of craft glue. This was my inspiration for the toy box, even if mine ended up looking completely different!

Here’s a few more nursery snaps:


  1. Rachel Lloyd

    Next time you are in Brissie, you will have to have a dig through Owen’s tiny clothes. Lots of cute stuff. (Including the blue fluffy suit with ears you gave us – it was in the box i never got around to reposting oops!) The nursery looks amazing! go mumma Stacey!

    1. theowloddity (Post author)

      It’s a date! Thanks Rach! :)

  2. Third Rock From The Sun Misfit

    Everything is so gorgeous! And it is perfect proof that you don’t have to spend a fortune on this stuff. Especially since they seem to outgrow everything in the blink of an eye!

    Your handcrafted goodies are especially gorgeous, Stace!

    Sarah xxx

    1. theowloddity (Post author)

      Thanks lovely! I had tons of fun making it all – but yes, I already don’t think it will be long before Ivan outgrows his newborn clothes!

  3. Max

    It’s so cute seeing some of Vinnie’s stuff peeking out of those drawers ^_^ Seriously every time I think about you and how clever you are I feel like crying. You’re the bomb!

    1. theowloddity (Post author)

      Thanks so much! You’re pretty much my mama inspiration, hahahaha.

  4. Tash Bayliss

    How awesome! Great work!

  5. sashibala

    I love the space theme! You did a great job, Stacey! :)

    1. theowloddity (Post author)

      Thanks, it was really fun to do!

  6. Vix

    It looks absolutely gorgeous and proof nobody needs money to create a gorgeous home. x


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