DIY Maternity Pants

Lucky for me, my piece of pink stretch knit was already a tube, which happened to match my hip measurements. So all I had to do was fold the pink piece in half, and sew it onto the pants.

I think these are seriously the coolest maternity pants ever. I am going to wear these things EVERYWHERE.

Good news everyone

! I finally got up the energy to do a spot of sewing today. And by today, I mean I didn’t start until almost seven o’clock this evening, as I’ve been in bed with terrible morning sickness all day. I tried to go to work, despite feeling like seven different kinds of shit, and ended up having to run out of the room three times in the first hour to vomit. The lesson here is probably that if you’re pregnant & you don’t feel good, you should probably just call it a day & go back to bed. Anyway, I pulled a few colourful pieces of knit jersey-type fabric out of my stash, and made a few maternity thingos.

P.P.S. I still don’t have a sewing table. Bask in the glory of my current sewing set-up!

We are all kinds of classy in this household!


  1. Meghan Edge

    You know, I have sewn on some funky things, but never an amp. 😉 Right now it’s the coffee table and an ironing board (Coffee table= sewing machine, ironing board=serger)

    I love your funky maternity pants! Those are sooo cute.

  2. pastcaring

    Before we set up a table, I had my sewing machine balanced on the piano stool!
    What great remakes, the trousers from Sarah’s jumpsuit are a masterpiece! And what a great way to save some money, maternity clothes can be so expensive (for anything that isn’t dull anyway) considering how little they get worn. Hmm, methinks a new maternity fashion design career awaits, Stacey! xxxx

  3. Terry M Scott (AKA Terry Mann)

    Totally cute, I’m not sure what a belly band is though.
    And the sewing set-up, that’s real dedication!

  4. Trees

    Ha ha! Love the sewing set up! So many sewing blogs I read are written by girls who have their own sewing room and all kinds of fancy things. You’re much more my style:D when do we get to see these fancy pants modeled?

  5. Jules

    Love your funky maternity pants!! I could really do with some nice comfy trousers for myself, jeans haven’t really been cutting it for me lately. If only I was more crafty…xx

  6. Terri

    Your sewing machine set up gives me courage. Can’t wait to see the pants from Sarah’s jumpsuit ON you.


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