Baby Capsule Wardrobe

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Well, with only 6 weeks until D-Day I finally finished the baby capsule wardrobe I’ve been working on for basically half my pregnancy. I put up some photos of a few of the half-finished creations, but now everything is done!

Making my little dude’s newborn wardrobe was a thrifty affair. I made ten pairs of pants using Rae’s Basic Newborn Pant Pattern, five t-shirts using the Tiny Tee pattern from The Alison Show, and five singlets using the Tiny Tank Top pattern, also from The Alison Show – all free patterns! To make my baby hats, I traced around another newborn hat which was a hand-me-down from one of my lovely cousins. Most of the fabric I used came from an epic garage sale fabric find (three suitcases of fabric for $50), but there are also some op-shopped pillowcases & quilt covers in there, op-shopped tie pieces and some op-shopped t-shirts.

I loved these patterns because they were easy to understand, easy to construct, and easy to customize! There is literally no end to the ways you can customize these patterns – here’s a few suggestions for customizing the Newborn Pant pattern, and I like to consult Pinterest for more ideas. Here’s how all my stuff turned out:

If I had more time (or more energy) I would have also liked to try this One Size Fits Many Baby Pants pattern, this Neutral Newborn Knit Pant pattern, and this Baby Shortall from Adult T-shirt pattern. Oh well, there’s always the next size up to start thinking about, right?  I think I’m going to start by buying the Big Butt Baby Pants pattern from Made By Rae, because loved her Newborn Pant Pattern so much!

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